About the Show

Kids Rock Nashville is Music City’s grooviest family podcast!  Each week we feature the latest in Kindie Rock music along with unforgettable rock tunes that promise to take you down memory lane. Our FREE podcast is part talk, part rock, so be prepared for some cool interviews with notable family artists, authors and many other very important people depending on our chosen topic of the day. Plus in “Jeep on the Street”, Nashville parents chime in with their thoughts on every theme from discipline to dieting! And we can’t possibly forget to mention our “Rockster of the Week” contest; a tenderhearted singing competition for all those talented youngsters!

How it all began:

It was the spring of 2009. My mommy guilt was consuming me as I considered the academic progress of Cole and Maren’s toddler friends.  These 3 and 4-year-old kids were already reading, taking foreign language classes and enrolled in no less than 3 extracurriculars a week!  Although I attempted to keep up the pace, after a while, we were lucky if I made it to story-time at the local library on a given Tuesday.  Ah, the pressure!  Thankfully, at some point, I was able to set aside my obsession with being the “perfect” parent and focus my attention on simple, impactive ways to enlighten our kids minus the lofty price tag.

After contemplating the neglected areas of importance, I settled on music as just one area needing improvement.  I would dust off my cd cases and pull out all my favorites: The Beatles, Jim Croce, Bread, R.E.M., CSN&Y and Paul Simon.  However, I found my 7AM cd listening parties were more fun for me.  My 5 year old son would say, ‘Mom, when is this going to be over?’  I found their attention span to be short…  typically one John Denver tune would be enough for the day.

Music.  What are young kids listening to these days?  I started asking parents around me.

Mostly I received blank stares…and then a mother might say, ‘Well, sometimes we listen to CDs in the car.  We also listen to the radio.  Pop stations primarily.  My 3-year-old daughter loves Lady Gaga.’

I also found myself turning up the radio in the car, however it was always a challenge to find a station that we ALL found enjoyable.  AND I always seemed to forget my small collection of children’s music as I rushed out the door in the morning, disheveled, with my diaper bag stuffed full of snacks and sippy cups.  The chaos of the morning still ringing in my head, I needed some peace… just a little downtime.  WHY ISN’T THERE A STATION PLAYING MUSIC for young children AND their PARENTS???

I considered my tolerable children’s music… uh, Barenaked Ladies… now that’s a good album, uh, Lisa Loeb, I’ve always liked her, and well, They Might Be Giants is a cool band and their lyrics are hysterical.. Recess Monkey is so much fun!  The Sippy Cups, Frances England, Milkshake  and Surprise, Surprise..!  There are more artists… too many to mention.  It’s an underground scene.  It’s a new genre of music – KINDIE ROCK – kids independent music that YOU (mom or dad) won’t find annoying!

AND SO, I created Kids Rock Nashville in June of 2009.  Music is important; and any research will tell you, it plays a significant role in cognitive development.  Music helps our childrens’ developing minds and is linked to improved math, memory and reading skills.  So, turn up the radio (in the car or online) and listen to some new, cool music that will please the entire clan and no worries, we’ll be sure to sprinkle in the classic rock-n-roll tunes that cannot and should not be ignored!