Adam and the Couch Potatoes
Ambrosia Parsley
April Smith
Asylum Street Spankers
Barenaked Ladies
Bari Koral
Barry Louis Polisar
Baze and His Silly Friends
The Bazillions
Ben Rudnick & Friends
Bill Harley
Charlie Hope
Bill Crosby
Brady Rymer
Bunny Cloggs
Caspar Babypants
Cathy & Marcy w/ Christylez Bacon
Charity & The Jam Band
Coal Train Railroad
Conductor Jack and the Zinghoppers
Daddy a GoGo
Daisy Mayhem & Rani Arbo
Dan Zanes
Danielle Sansone
Dar Williams
David Weinstone
Davey Ukulele & the Gagtime Gang
Dean Jones
Debbie and Friends
Delicious Blues Stew
Dog on Fleas
Earthworm Ensemble
Elizabeth Mitchell
Eve & Mare
Farmer Jason
Flannery Brothers
For the Kids
Frances England
Funky Kidz
Go Fish
Good Gang Music Factory
Gunnar Madsen
Gustafer Yellowgold
The Hipwaders
The Hollow Trees
Holly Yarbrough
Ingrid Lucia
Jack Johnson
The Jellydots
Jeremy Plays Guitar
Jerry Garcia / David Grisman
Jim Cosgrove
The Jimmies
Joanie Leeds
Joanie Leeds &the Nightlights
Joe McDermott
Joe’s Backyard Band
Johnny Bregar
Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes
Jonathan Coulton
Jon Roniger
Justin Roberts
Keller Williams
Key Wilde & Mr. Clarke
Kira Willey
Lanny Sherwin
Laura Freeman
Leeny & Tamara
Lennon’s Song
Linus of Hollywood
Lisa Loeb
Lunch Money
Meredith LeVande
The Mighty Buzzniks
Mister G
Mr. Leebot
Mr. Ray
Mr. Whit
The Mudcakes
The Not-Its
The Okee Dokee Brothers
Oran Etkin
Pencilhead and the Playground Punks
Peter Himmelman
Pete Seeger
Phil Barton
The Pixie Sticks
The Pop Ups
Princess Katie & Racer Steve
The Quiet Two
Ralph’s World
Randall Goodgame
Randy Kaplan
Ratboy Jr.
Rebecca Frezza & Big Truck
Recess Monkey
Renee & Jeremy
Rhythm Child
Robbert Bobbert & the Bubble Machine
Roger Day
Roy Handy & the Moonshot
Sarah Lee Guthrie & Family
Sarah McLachlan
Secret Agent 23 Skidoo
The Shins
The Sippy Cups
3 Dudes
Steve Songs
Steve Weeks
Sugar Free Allstars
Suite Caroline
Sunshine Collective
Susie Tallman & Friends
Terrible Twos
The Sweet Colleens
Taft Brown
They Might Be Giants
Tim and the Space Cadets
The Ting Tings
Todd McHatton
Tom Chapin
Tracey Singer
Trout Fishing in America
Uncle Rock
The Verve Pipe
What Up, English
Ziggy Marley